Saturday, April 21, 2007


Party in San Jose

After Dan spent a week in Las Vegas "working", we all stayed in San Jose at Juan and Norma's house and they were kind enough to host a party for all our friends. It was quite a feast of Mexican food and chicken teriyaki skewers.

It was nice to see so many old friends, including some of Amy's old work friends, Ed and Jen.

This is a great picture of two Gabis, two Sofias and one David! A special thanks to the older Sofia and younger Gabi for helping with the delicious chicken skewers.

It was incredible to see so many college and Bay Area friends all at once...and all with kids. Just a few shown here -- Melissa, Julie, Carol and Phil all supervising their little carbon copies.

The weather didn't cooperate for a bbq, so it was pretty wild and crazy for a while inside the house... muchas gracias to Juan and Norma for being such gracious hosts through it all...

Our little party girl...

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