Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Trying to beat the heat...

The Roman summer has started with high temps and humidity all day and night... Zoe and Earl clearly have the same technique for keeping cool (but who taught who?)

Last week Zoe gave us her first smile! Now we also get a kick out of her newest trick -- a wink and a smile ;-)

Zoe also attended her first bbq on the terrace, in honor of Julia's visit from Zimbabwe (we miss u!)

Zoe asleep in her crib with the lovely personalized blanket sent by Zio David and Zia Lisa from California.

Zoe's also really loves the swing on loan from Steve, Alessia and little Phoebe -- grazie mille!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Some last Umbrian pics...

The day after the wedding we all went for a huge lunch at a nearby agritourism farmhouse. Amy and Zoe try to cool off in the shade, eating strawberries with Abuela Loreto.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Umbrian Wedding

This past week was a week of firsts for Zoe: first wedding, first road trip and first overnight in a strange bed. From June 21-24 we celebrated the wedding of our good friends, Toni and Rohan, along with a great group of about 50 Australians -- their wonderful friends and family. The wedding was held in Titignano, a private medieval village that Toni and Rohan rented out completely for their 3-day wedding do.

Toni enters the chapel on her father's arm.

The "handoff" from father to groom...Rohan, are you ready?

The deed is done! Friends and family shower the happy couple with white rose petals.

A view of the lovely chapel and courtyard of Titignano as the group head for champagne to celebrate. Zoe fell asleep on my shoulder and then slept through 6 courses of the 8 course-meal, not bad! The pink sweater she's wearing was hand knitted by her Abuela Loreto.

Papa and Zoe trying to escape the disco beat and get Zoe back to slumberland... Finally back in the arms of Abuela to get some real sleep while mom and dad continue the dancing in the main villa...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Abuela is here!

Abuela Loreto (Grandma to the non-Spanish speakers) is here and Zoe loves cuddling with her.

Meanwhile, Dan insists on getting Zoe excited for the World Cup. Here she seems somewhat interested in the match between her two nationalities -- Italy vs. USA. (Unfortunately, Zoe's third nationality, Chile, didn't make it to the World Cup this year.)

But obviously Zoe prefers just hanging out with her Abuelita!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


More catching up...

The World Cup has Dan mesmerized in front of the TV.
Meanwhile Zoe says, "yawn"...

Zoe's US Passport arrived after only one week!

A nice walk in Villa Pamphili park on Sunday morning...

Sacked out with Papa!

Zoe loves her adorable Mary Jane socks sent by Gayle from Tacoma, WA

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Catching up the past few weeks

Sorry to not have any new posts for awhile. The Blogmaster went back to work and the
Asst. Blogmaster was pretty busy with Miss Junior Blog Star...
Out on a walk for our Sunday cappuccino...

Papa's off to work :-(

Gossiping with the girls! A visit from the Annas (aka Sherwood and Norell).

A nice visit with Jenny from California (who has single-handedly provided Zoe's wardrobe for the next 2 years!)

Cuddles with Jenny's mom, Jane, who made a lovely Italy collage for Zoe's room.

And our good friends from Holland stopped by during their beach holiday --

Erik, Astrid and darling Rogier.

Friday, June 09, 2006


4 Weeks Old!

What a week for Zoe. Today she is four weeks old and is doing well but most importantly she is waking up only once during most nights.

She is spending more time observing her surroundings, staring at our faces and is definitely more vocal with a wider range of sounds.

Last Tuesday, we attended a birth class reunion at the Birth Center. We were able to see everyone's babies and hear their stories. There were actually quite a few great stories including twins born in the car on the way to the clinic and a breached baby who was delivered naturally. A couple of the babies had more hair than Dan and one even looked like Elvis with sideburns. Unfortunately, there were also horrific stories of doctors pressuring mothers to have a Caesarean. In fact, it was announced this week that Italy has the highest rate of Caesareans in Europe.

We also found out this week that our midwife's son (Adriano) is a friend of a friend and stayed with us at our house during a visit to San Francisco. What a small world! His wife Vittoria, who is already overdue, is in the picture wearing orange.

This week we also started giving Zoe a bath, and she actually enjoyed it (most of the time). During the first week we tried giving her baths but she hated it so much we gave her sponge baths instead.

We also started massaging her with almond oil and making sure we oil her skin folds to avoid rashes - she already has a pretty nasty rash on her neck.

The other big news this week was that we registered her birth abroad with the US consulate, so Zoe is officially an American citizen. Her passport will arrive in two weeks. Poor Zoe almost ended up with my two last names - Schiappacasse Valenzuela - since the Italian birth certificate names both (long story). After an hour discussion with consulate personnel, a form was finally found that allowed us to drop Valenzuela from her official US name. We weren't allowed to bring our camera into the embassy, so there are no pictures commemorating the event.

Grandma Marcy has also been a big help this week cleaning up after all of us.

Gotta go, it's time for Zoe to take a nap. She loves her sleep sacks sent by Carola and Hernan (gracias!!)


Videos of Zoe at 4 weeks old

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